Inflatable Rentals

Inflatable rentals are the best way to entertain a group of people.  Everyone loves to bounce and play on inflatable rentals from kids to adults.  We also offer some other great party rental equipment such as water slide rentals and carnival games.  If you are looking to do a fundraiser you have found the perfect place.  Our inflatable rentals pair up great with concessions and tables and chair rentals to make the perfect carnival.  Everyone loves carnivals and loves to have fun with their kids, grandkids or friends and neighbors.  Give them exactly what they are looking for by renting inflatable rentals and concessions from Mobile Party Solutions today. Mobile Party Solutions will do all the heavy lifting, the cleanup, and all the work, you just need to inject the fun and people.  There is no easier way to get a fundraiser going then with party rentals from Mobile Party Solutions!

Rent the fun!

All of our inflatable rentals are inspected at the time of setting up as well as tear down to ensure they are in tip-top shape.  We also have everything inspected at the state level once a year to get our licenses to run an inflatable rental company.  We not only licensed but insured as well.  This means you have nothing to worry about but having fun and collecting the money, should this be for a fundraiser.  Mobile Party Solutions is not only for fundraisers though.  We have set up for community events as well as company parties.  There doesn’t even need to be an occasion to rent an inflatable rental.  Imagine their little faces when they wake up to an inflatable waterslide in the backyard.  We will bring the slide and a generator if needed.  Or if you have electrical nearby an extension cord can do the trick as well.

Rent Inflatables

All of our water slide rentals need you, our customer, to provide the water source.  This can be as simple as a garden hose, however, these do not come with water. Whether you are looking for a good time in the back yard or looking to entertain a group of guests, inflatable rentals are the perfect solution.  We work with our clients to help them design up their perfect event, should you need some help and suggestions.  We have set up events for a couple of years now and see what is certainly most popular among our rentals.  We want you to have success in throwing the perfect party!  And,  we are certainly here to help. Inflatable rentals come in a variety of sizes from adult to toddler.  There are concessions as well as yard games to add to the fun.  We also offer tables and chairs as well as generators and dunk tanks.  Whatever the reason for the event we have the rental equipment to cover it. Remember, we deliver and pick up all the equipment, all you have to do is schedule the time that you want to see us. We can set these inflatable rentals up both outsides as well as inside a large gym or open area.  Which makes them perfect for year-around entertainment.
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